- March 27, 2019


Hi My Name Is Arif Fayaz Founder Of This Website (www.quotesmaza.com) The Main Purpose Of Developing This Website Is My Hobby That Is Raising Awareness About Quotes! The Word Expresses Alot. But What It Express Is A Question?As We All Know That Many Great Philosophers And Writers Passed Away,But Their Sayings Will Always Remain With Us.Their Minds Were GOD Gifted.Because They Told Us The Right Direction Of Life.Everyone Needs Someone Who Motivates Him/Her In A Time When He/She Gets Disappointment From Everywhere.So Quotes Play An Important Role In The Life Of Human Beings.Because These Are The Sayings Of Great People Of Great Time.In What Sense Quotes Play An Important  Role In Our Life Is A Question?They Are Used To Motivate Someone.

 My Team Researches The Wide Range Of Quotes Then We Convert These Quotes In Sub-Categories.Our Mission Is To Present Quotes In A Pleasing Way.
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